Care instructions

Care instructions for SCHAFFNER tables

We recommend regular and thorough cleaning of the tables with plenty of water and a detergent. For the metal tables and lacquered fibreglass table tops it is moreover recommended to clean the surface once a year with car care products. If doing so, even the smallest traces of use can be removed by light polishing. For fibreglass panels with a decorative surface, cleaning with water and detergent is sufficient.


Please refer to our care instructions for further information:

• Care Instructions



Information on the hot-dip galvanized surface

Hot-dip galvanizing of steel provides long-lasting protection against rusting. Various pieces of SCHAFFNER furniture are available with a hot-dip galvanized frame (e.g. our Säntis collection). The zinc itself loses its first shine relatively quickly and becomes slightly greyish when exposed to the weather. This is completely normal and no cause for concern, the corrosion protection is still guaranteed. Another topic worth mentioning is the so-called white rust. These are white spots on the zinc.


Please download the PDF document for further information:

• Information on formation of white rust.




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