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Welcome to Schaffner AG - your expert for exclusive garden furniture!

Discover the world of garden furniture with Schaffner AG.

We pride ourselves not only on producing high-quality furniture for private customers, but also for the discerning catering trade. Our commitment to quality and design is evident in each of our creations, and we strive to exceed your expectations.

Individuality is our top priority.

We understand that every space - be it in your garden at home or in a busy restaurant - is unique. That's why we are happy to cater to your personal wishes and work with you to develop a solution that perfectly suits your style and ambience.

Contact us to start the journey and find out together how we can enhance your space with Schaffner AG's unmistakable flair.

We look forward to turning your ideas into reality.

At Schaffner AG, quality and individuality come together!


Some of our current property references:

Scuol Belvedere
Coop Restaurant Kreuzlingen
US-Mex Kreuzlingen
Ekkharthof Lengwil
Das Trösch Kreuzlingen
Camping Kreuzlingen
Hotel SCHIFF in Berlingen
Badi Hörnli Kreuzlingen
25H Hotel Zürich


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